How to Factory Reset Your Apple Watch: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're experiencing issues with your Apple Watch, or perhaps you're selling it and need to wipe your data, a factory reset may be the solution. Performing a factory reset will erase all content and settings, reverting your Apple Watch back to its original state. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to factory reset your Apple Watch easily and effectively.

Why Factory Reset an Apple Watch?

  • Resolve Software Issues
  • Prepare for Resale or Trade-In
  • Remove Personal Information
  • Start Fresh

Things to Consider Before a Factory Reset

  1. Backup Your Data: Make sure you backup your watch data to your iPhone or iCloud.
  2. Unpair the Watch: If possible, unpair the watch from your iPhone to remove Activation Lock.
  3. Charge Your Devices: Ensure your Apple Watch and iPhone (if you're using it) are charged.

Methods to Factory Reset Your Apple Watch

There are two primary methods to perform a factory reset: via your paired iPhone or directly on the Apple Watch.

Method 1: Using Your Paired iPhone
  1. Open the Watch App: On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
  2. Tap 'My Watch': At the bottom of the screen, you'll find the 'My Watch' tab. Tap it.
  3. Tap 'General': Scroll down and select 'General.'
  4. Tap 'Reset': Scroll all the way down and tap 'Reset.'
  5. Tap 'Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings': Confirm you want to erase all content and settings.
  6. Enter Password: Input your Apple ID password to confirm the action.
  7. Confirm: The Apple Watch will now begin the factory reset process. This may take some time.

Method 2: Directly on the Apple Watch

  1. Go to Settings: On your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to open the apps, and then tap the 'Settings' icon.
  2. Tap 'General': Scroll down and tap on 'General.'
  3. Scroll Down and Tap 'Reset': Swipe to the bottom and tap 'Reset.'
  4. Tap 'Erase All Content and Settings': Confirm you want to perform the factory reset.
  5. Enter Passcode: If prompted, enter your Apple Watch passcode.
  6. Confirm: Tap to confirm, and the Apple Watch will initiate the factory reset process.


Performing a factory reset on your Apple Watch can solve many problems and is essential if you're planning to sell or give away your device. Always remember to backup your data first to avoid any loss of important information.


How long does it take to factory reset an Apple Watch?

  • It usually takes a few minutes, but timing can vary.

Will a factory reset remove all my apps and data?

  • Yes, a factory reset will erase all data and settings.

Can I restore my Apple Watch data after a factory reset?

  • Yes, you can restore from a backup during the setup process.

By following this guide, you'll have all the steps you need to successfully factory reset your Apple Watch. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with others who might find it useful too.

Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only. Follow these steps at your own risk. Always make sure to backup your data before performing a factory reset.


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